Mudhook Yacht Club Charitable Trust – Registered Charity No. SC031578

The Trust was formed in 2001 with the purpose of providing funds to support the development of sailing related activities including racing, seamanship, design, safety and preservation of items of significant historical interest.

In practice, the Trust has supported several young people and teams competing at national squad level and in national and international events. Most of the grants have been between  £300 and £500, but in exceptional cases a larger sum could be considered.

Young persons of school or university age wishing to apply for support of this type can download a form here . It should be completed and sent to the Club Secretary. Anyone wishing to apply for assistance for any other project which might be considered suitable for support should write to the Club Secretary.

Applications will be acknowledged on receipt, but to allow reasonable budgeting and fair dispersal of funds the Trustees normally meet twice a year.